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Michelle-PsychicDo you want to visit a reputable psychic in Knoxville, TN? Maybe you want to receive some information about your previous life? Whether you wish to speak with someone who has the ability to connect with those that have passed away, or you need to know the secrets of your own destiny, Mystical Entertainment is the solution for you. I am Michelle Leigh, an experienced psychic & tarot reading expert in the region — having a strong connection with the supernatural. I can also offer you palmistry and can read tea leaves and tarot cards. You can even turn to me for an unusual and very interesting service, Chinese facial interpretation. Do not hesitate to visit me for an exceptional service!

Not all psychics are to be trusted. Many claim to have this Crystal Ball extraordinary gift, yet their sole aim is material gain. I am a renowned medium and reader of tarot cards who has spent the past 40 years honing my abilities. I have been offering my psychic services since 2002 in the Knoxville area, and today, I am known for my ethical and discrete service. You can turn to me for anything that concerns you. I offer relationship readings and medium readings for those in need. You can also count on me for corporate and private entertainment. Don’t hesitate to call!

The Benefits of Choosing my Tarot Reading

Animal Communication

I know how to communicate with all pets and animals, reaching deeply to understand their feelings and get the meaning behind their actions. You can count on me to facilitate seamless communication with your furry friends and deliver messages back and forth.

Animal Healing

I am now a trained animal healer and don’t want to see any animal suffer due to a lack of funds. If you call with the description of your animal, I will do a long-distance session for a donation. If you cannot donate anything now, call anyway. No animal should suffer needlessly!

The Right Psychic Reader For Your Needs

Call me at (865) 599-0819 to receive knowledge of the past and the future!

Psychic ReadingBased in Knoxville, TN, Mystical Entertainment is the solution for anyone who wants to learn the mysteries of destiny through tarot card or tea leaf reading. Call me, Michelle Leigh, and enter the world of the paranormal and the unexplainable!

My Background:

I am a psychic reader, medium, palm reader, and tarot reader. In addition to that, I do Chinese Facial Interpretation Michelle. I have been doing psychic readings for over 40 years now. As a young child, I read books about the great Edgar Cayce and really wanted to do what he did.

I have a lot of events scheduled, including charity work, real psychic readings, weddings, and private parties. I will probably be a psychic reader until I can no longer sit up in a chair.

Dependable Tea Leaf Reading

Client’s Testimonial

Animal Healing

Several days after writing my review, I realized my dog's hearing started to improve. She went completely deaf about 8 months ago in both ears because the vet put too much medication in her ears. She had perfect hearing prior to that. She only had a minor ear infection. She regained about 10% hearing back over time, so being 90% deaf caused significant depression - not wanting to go for walks, no longer eating breakfast, sleeping more, an increase in fear, and an increase in aggression. Furthermore, I was unable to communicate with her since she couldn't hear my voice. Even the little 10% hearing she had was distorted. I tried sound therapy, but it caused her ears discomfort. In that one session of healing Michelle did, THAT ALONE improved her hearing over the next couple weeks by another 75% or so! My 15 yr old baby has so much joy now, as she can hear the birds, dogs barking, and can hear my voice perfectly well now, even from 30 ft away. Michelle has such a big heart and was determined to help her. Words can't thank you enough, Michelle 🙂

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I had an amazing Psychic Readings with Them! I was so nervous to try a psychic, but they were super chill and made me feel so comfortable. They connected with me on pretty much every level and gave me some great advice. I'm still processing everything they said, but it's been really helpful!
Kaylane Alves Paixao
Kaylane Alves Paixao
I have a super small wrist and he made them specially to fit me. Couldn't ask for more and would highly recommend!.
Richard Walter
Richard Walter