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Mystical Entertainment is a Knoxville, TN based medium who provides extraordinary tea leaf reading services. I am Michelle Leigh, a reputable psychic who has substantial experience in this field. If you are looking for a qualified expert who can offer you his extraordinary skills, I am the right person for you! I have been helping people for the past 40 years and will surely be able to help you. Learn more about me and the opinions of various clients by clicking on the image below to visit her Google Business page! Leave her your comment as well!

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Mystical Entertainment
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by MP on Mystical Entertainment
Animal Healing

Several days after writing my review, I realized my dog's hearing started to improve. She went completely deaf about 8 months ago in both ears because the vet put too much medication in her ears. She had perfect hearing prior to that. She only had a minor ear infection. She regained about 10% hearing back over time, so being 90% deaf caused significant depression - not wanting to go for walks, no longer eating breakfast, sleeping more, an increase in fear, and an increase in aggression. Furthermore, I was unable to communicate with her since she couldn't hear my voice. Even the little 10% hearing she had was distorted. I tried sound therapy, but it caused her ears discomfort. In that one session of healing Michelle did, THAT ALONE improved her hearing over the next couple weeks by another 75% or so! My 15 yr old baby has so much joy now, as she can hear the birds, dogs barking, and can hear my voice perfectly well now, even from 30 ft away. Michelle has such a big heart and was determined to help her. Words can't thank you enough, Michelle 🙂

by MP on Mystical Entertainment
Animal Reiki

Michelle is an amazing psychic and medium. She contacted a couple of deceased people and dogs for me and told me about my future and previous life. My life finally made sense to me after she discussed my previous life, and she was on point with her psychic abilities. I then asked if she can heal my dog from aggression, anxiety, and fear. My dog has been very aggressive her entire adult life, even with me. I tried everything possible. Nothing worked. She's 15 yrs old now. Several days after Michelle did her remote healing session, my dog's aggression and fear declined significantly. This has helped her enjoy her days so much better, and I'm able to pick her up now without her trying to bite me. What a difference in her personality. Michelle, I can't thank you enough. Amazing how reiki can heal an animal or person so quickly, even after years of ingrained behaviors/personalities.

by Donna on Mystical Entertainment

Thank you so much, Michelle. I've ONLY seen a few in my lifetime, but I MUST say you are the BEST! 🙂
You were right on point with my mother & dad. You made me feel SO MUCH BETTER.
I finally have peace. Again, thank you so much. I will HIGHLY recommend you.

by Hilda Stauffer on Mystical Entertainment
Thank you!

Working with you was definitely great, and I am very impressed with your psychic abilities. I can see things much more clearly now because of you, and I will definitely recommend your services to my friends. Thank you!

by Gertrude Suhr on Mystical Entertainment
I want to thank you

You were not the first psychic that I have encountered in my travels, and I can say with certainty that I felt something unique and very different. I want to thank you for the new perspective and the connection we established.

by William White on Mystical Entertainment

The last psychic I communicated with did not seem very confident in his work, and it was difficult to get any certainty from him. You, on the other, hand were completely different, and I can say with certainty that your services are truly distinctive.

by Donald Adams on Mystical Entertainment
Never seen a psychic like you

I am writing to say that I am very pleased with your services and tell you that I have never seen a psychic like you. There definitely was something different about you, and the whole experience was something unique. Thank you for it!

by Gwendolyn Graves on Mystical Entertainment
Thank you for your great service!

I want to share what an amazing experience I had with you. No other psychic has been able to impress me on such a level, and I can honestly say that I still think about it a lot. Thank you for your great service!

by Joeley on Mystical Entertainment

Michelle made my skin crawl with her accuracy and she is so direct that you have no choice but to listen. No sugar coating...straight up psychic

by Stephanie on Mystical Entertainment
I recommend her services

It's really mind-boggling what Michelle is able to sense. My initial connection with her occurred in 1991 when I went for a 'reading' just for fun. I came away amazed at the accuracy of what she sensed about me and my children; we were strangers to her… Her revelations ring true, and as truth comforts and strengthens me, I have sought her insights ever since. I recommend her services and suggest that when you communicate with her, let go of any doubting energies you may have. Work positively with her energies

by James on Mystical Entertainment
Someone you can trust!

Michelle has been doing readings for me for 7 years, and I can't get enough. She is always dead on in what she says and is very unique at doing readings. I have referred numerous people to her, and they are now also regular clients and true believers! Michelle has a true natural talent when it comes to doing readings, and is someone you can trust!

by Padilla E. on Mystical Entertainment
I am impressed

I am impressed with the skills of this talented woman. She amazed me with her exceptional service, and I would like to recommend her to everyone who wants to get in touch with the paranormal. Thank you and keep helping people as you do!

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